5.5.150 and vb.net

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5.5.150 and vb.net

Post by lc4pro » Wed 24 Jul 2013 09:56


in short.

Code generation for vb.net is no longer possible
An error occured during an attempt to compile the template 'LinqConnect'.
Error list:
error : Expression expected.
error : Syntax errpr.
Most simple setup
/File/New Model
LinqConnect Model
Model First
Enable synchronization: no
remove c# template
add vb linqconnect template
add class test
save all
generate code
result in error

please fix this!

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Re: 5.5.150 and vb.net

Post by MariiaI » Wed 24 Jul 2013 12:20

We couldn't reproduce this issue with LinqConnect 4.2.292 (Entity Developer 5.5.150).

This issue may be caused by an installation error; try reinstalling LinqConnect and generating the code for your model again.
Also, this may be an error in the code generation template. Please specify whether you are using the default LinqConnect template or a previously saved custom one. If the error occurs again after reinstall, please send us the full text of the used template.
And if possible, please send us the model with which you are encountering the error.

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