missing UNDO / REDO keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-Z/Y

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missing UNDO / REDO keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-Z/Y

Post by willsteel » Thu 18 Jul 2013 10:39


I just wanted to note that the commonly used UNDO/REDO shortcuts are not bound to keyboard.
The feature itself is properly implemented. About 99% of Windows Applications to bind this functionality to Ctrl-Z/Y per default. So there is some generic anticipation for this binding.

Second thing is that the options dialog looks like it supports setting "Edit.Undo" to Ctrl-Z for example. But that doesn't work out. So there is maybe also a bug.


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Re: missing UNDO / REDO keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-Z/Y

Post by Shalex » Fri 19 Jul 2013 15:48

We cannot reproduce the problem in our environment with the latest (5.5.150) build of Entity Developer. Please specify the following information:
1) the exact (x.xx.xxx) build of your Entity Developer
2) are you working with a standalone version of Entity Developer or with the one which is embedded in Visual Studio?
3) Which model documents are opened? Is diagram focused?

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