New build of Entity Developer 5.0.28 is available!

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New build of Entity Developer 5.0.28 is available!

Post by Devart » Thu 17 Jan 2013 16:33

Dear users,

New build of Entity Developer 5.0.28 is available for download now.

This version includes:

NHibernate support
  • The Lazy property of the "one" end of an association is implemented
  • The "Include foreign key columns in the model" property of the model is implemented
  • The generation of XML documentation for the code, which is created by Entity Developer, is improved
  • The bug with adding duplicate properties and associations in the child classes of the Table Per Hierarchy inheritance when updating model is fixed
  • The bug with generating fluent mapping code for the property with a default value, which is created in the database via CREATE DEFAULT statement, is fixed
Entity Framework support
  • Entity Framework 6 Alpha 2 is supported
  • The bug with generating a database type for the string property of a class is fixed (SQL Server Compact)
  • The bug with duplicate entries in the Base Class Condition and Derived Class Condition dropdowns of Inheritance Editor is fixed
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