Entity Developer 4.7 is released!

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Entity Developer 4.7 is released!

Post by Devart » Thu 04 Oct 2012 12:46

Dear users,

Devart is delighted to introduce the new version of Entity Developer with Firebird RDBMS Support.

New version of Entity Developer provides compatibility of the NHibernate model with Firebird RDBMS 2.0 or later.

In this release we are also introducing integration with Visual Studio refactoring that enables renaming of model objects. Thus, when renaming, for example, an entity, refactoring will ensure that any references to that class are renamed across your solution. Refactoring is applicable to namespaces, classes and complex types as well as their properties, enums and their members; for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework models it also applies to the context class and its properties.

Besides, from now on Entity Developer extends the list of available templates with Repository and Unit of Work Template, that allows you to generate Repositories and Unit of Work classes for your model.

Moreover, we have implemented the NHibernate subselect feature, that enables creating entities mapped to SQL queries. This functionality is similar to views, except that the view is created on the database side, and some DBMSs do not support this functionality, while the subselect query is created on the model side.

Here is the complete list of Entity Developer 4.7.277 features:

This version includes:
  • Predefined template for generating Repositories and Unit of Work classes is added
  • Integration with Visual Studio refactoring for renaming model objects is implemented
  • The "Use Database Comments" option of Model Settings is implemented to determine whether comments for database objects, if supported by DBMS, will be used for model objects Documentation initialization and taken into account when executing model or database update operations
  • The "Implement IClonable" option for the generated classes based on the model entities is added to all templates
  • The bug with retrieving a list of SQL Server stored procedures when connecting to servers with dots in the name is fixed
NHibernate support
  • Firebird database support is implemented
  • The possibility to work with a subselect query is implemented
  • The behaviour is changed: the possibility to set Collection Type and Collection Generic for all existing associations simultaneously when changing Default Collection Type and Default Collection Generic via Model Settings is implemented
  • The bug with detecting and workability of the Cascade association property is fixed
  • The bug with specifying Cache setting in the fluent mappings file is fixed
LINQ to SQL support
  • The behaviour is changed: the "Save connection string in App.Config as" option is available in the standalone Entity Developer (the entry in App.Config must be added manually afterwards)
Devart development team