regenerate DataContext fails with file under TFS SC

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regenerate DataContext fails with file under TFS SC

Post by tleslie » Mon 27 Aug 2012 20:16

I am using 4.5.240, basically the latest of everything i believe as i just bought 2 days ago.
When doing a Linq Connect model , everything is fine,
but when i add a new class, or prop. etc, and "save all" the
cs file doesn't get updated.
If i don't put the lqml set of files under TFS SC, then the cs file does get
updated when i "save all".
So apparently the devart updates to files under TFS SC doesn't work,
and thus a serious bug.
I see other threads about this, but since I am using the latest version?


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Re: regenerate DataContext fails with file under TFS SC

Post by Shalex » Wed 29 Aug 2012 09:23

We cannot reproduce the problem in our environment at the moment. Please give us the following information:
1) the exact version of your Visual Studio (the Help > About menu of VS);
2) are you using the LinqConnect or LINQ to SQL model?
3) are you changing any standard settings of the template (e.g., the FilePerClass property)?
4) is the cs file not regenerated at all or just not marked as Updated in TFS SC?
5) are there any problems with code generation (check the View > Error List window)?
6) the video of the problem could help us to understand and fix the issue faster (please upload it at any file exchange server and give us a link).

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