Entity Developer 4.5 is released!

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Entity Developer 4.5 is released!

Post by Devart » Wed 18 Jul 2012 18:02

Dear users,

Devart is delighted to introduce the new version of Entity Developer with support for named SQL queries and stored procedures in NHibernate models.

New version of Entity Developer extends NHibernate mapping support - now it allows creating methods from SQL queries. For this named SQL queries feature of NHibernate is used. Entity Developer interprets named SQL queries as methods of the model, for which a helper class containing the corresponding methods will be generated.

Entity Developer allows creating methods returning scalar or entity results or no result. The named SQL queries feature can also be used for creating methods calling stored routines. For stored routines, you don't need to write SQL manually, just specify the name of the routine and Entity Developer will generate the query automatically.

Entity Developer offers you even more if you use database first approach. You can generate methods from stored routines just by selecting them in the Create Model Wizard when creating model. It is also possible to create a method in the model by dragging the corresponding stored procedure or function from Database Explorer to the diagram area or in the Model Explorer window. Moreover, with the help of Update From Database Wizard it is possible to add new and modify the existing methods in the model.

To demonstrate how to implement and use named SQL queries along with many other kinds of NHibernate mapping, Devart releases NHibernate Mapping Samples application, which demonstrates 50 different mapping cases, how they are mapped using both fluent and XML mapping, and their usage. Visit our NHibernate Mapping Samples blog article to read more about this application and download it.

Here is the complete list of Entity Developer 4.5.222 features:

This version includes:
NHibernate support
  • The support of Named SQL queries is implemented
  • The possibility to work with stored procedures is implemented
  • The support for the "Where" parameter of the hilo generator is added
  • The bug with retrieving the Not Null parameter value of association's foreign key column when importing model from *.hbm.xml files is fixed
LINQ to SQL support
  • The behaviour is changed: the warning, related to the missing property setter, is disabled
  • The behaviour is changed: for the association, in which the many-side entity hasn't the primary key, the code and the mapping are not generated
  • The behaviour is changed: the properties, that correspond autoincrement fields, are generated with a ReadOnly keyword in VB.NET
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