Stored Procs cannot be Private?

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Stored Procs cannot be Private?

Post by berforum » Mon 09 Jul 2012 16:51

I am having problems with the auto generated code for stored procedures using the Entity Developer modeler.

If I add a stored procedure from a Package and create a Method with the Entity Developer tool, I cannot declare the function as PRIVATE because it always inserts VIRTUAL regardless of whether I choose 'None' as the Inheritance Modifier.

Basically, I need to wrap my stored proc because I want to perform another translation before exposing it on the ObjectContext.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I cannot get rid of the Virtual inheritance modifier and don't want to expose both functions for encapsulation's sake.

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Re: Stored Procs cannot be Private?

Post by Shalex » Tue 10 Jul 2012 14:08

You have mentioned in the ticket that the version of your Entity Developer is 4.4.186. So we have checked both 4.4.186 and the latest (4.4.205) but could not reproduce the problem: after setting Access to Private and Inheritance Modifier to None in the Method Editor window, the following code was generated (there is no Virtual inheritance modifier):

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        private ObjectResult<DEPTCURResult> DEPTCUR ()
            return base.ExecuteFunction<DEPTCURResult>("DEPTCUR");
Please send us a test model and specify the name of the template you are using. If the template is edited by you, send the template to us as well.

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