New build of Entity Developer 4.2.129 is available!

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New build of Entity Developer 4.2.129 is available!

Post by Devart » Fri 10 Feb 2012 11:10

Dear users,

New build of Entity Developer 4.2.129 is available for download now.

This version includes:
  • Materialized view support is added
  • The bug with preserving the Validate Required property when saving the model is fixed
  • The bug with Entity Developer tool windows being shown when debugging an application is fixed
  • The bug with diagram representation in x64 environment is fixed
NHibernate support
  • The new messages for an inheritance validation are added
  • The behaviour is changed: the Inverse option on the many-side of a one-to-many relationship is set to True by default now
  • The behaviour is changed: "Getter Modifier" and "Setter Modifier" code generation properties are added for entity navigation properties instead of the "Modifier" property
  • The bug with script generation when there is an entity in the model that has several complex type properties of the same complex type is fixed
  • The bug with wrong error handling when choosing the complex type in the "Class" drop-down for the "End 2" in the Association Editor is fixed
LINQ to SQL support
  • The bug with the custom tool for Devart LINQ to SQL models is fixed
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