New build of Entity Developer 4.2.120 is available!

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New build of Entity Developer 4.2.120 is available!

Post by Devart » Fri 27 Jan 2012 11:56

Dear users,

New build of Entity Developer 4.2.120 is available for download now.

This version includes:
  • The documentation generation for navigation properties is implemented
  • The "Recreate Model" option, allowing to rebuild the model from a scratch, is added to the "Update Model From Database" wizard
  • The behaviour is changed: database column comments are transfered to the Summary attribute of the Documentation property now
  • The bug with resetting the Validate Required property after reopening model is fixed
  • The bug with generating System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.KeyAttribute() for Primary Key columns is fixed
  • The bug with a workability of documentation links on Start Page is fixed
NHibernate support
  • The support for collections of dependent objects is added
  • The new "Generate" extended property, which allows disabling code generation, is added for entity properties and complex type properties
  • The possibility to disable "hibernate-configuration" section generation in an application configuration file when saving a model is implemented
  • Synchronization with cascading updates and deletes basing on the foreign key constraints is supported
Entity Framework support
  • The "GeneratePartialClass" template property to generate a partial class, which will not be overwritten by the designer, for each class in the model is added
  • The bug with resetting the StoreGeneratedPattern attribute by the Update Model From Database wizard is fixed
Devart development team