Default model settings possible?

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Default model settings possible?

Post by HCRoman » Mon 12 Dec 2011 13:50

Hi devart team,

where can I change and preset the default settings for the integrated and standalone EntityDeveloper?

Every time I generate a new model from scratch (database first), I have to change a couple of setting switches to my preferrences,
again and again... :roll:
(After this, the settings are stored in the edmx, thats great...., but not for the next new model).
I like Capitalized, Unchanged, no schema name etc.

Is there a edmx template or an edmx.default or can I do this in the config or registry??

Thanks for any advice


Devart Team
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Post by Shalex » Thu 15 Dec 2011 14:23

There is no way to save settings of the "Set up naming rules" window currently. Thank you for your suggestion. We will investigate the possibility of adding this feature.

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