edml from edmx

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edml from edmx

Post by ramana.bhavaraju » Wed 16 Nov 2011 11:51


We have been using EF with Devart dotconnect for oracle and are using version We were having relationship span issues with EF wherein when we request an object to be loaded it loads the related objects also which have 0..1 relationship with the original object. And we realised that Devart's EDML entities dont do this and hence we decided to port our edmx to edml and start using edml. When i try to open an edmx model, in entity developer tool, i get an error in csdl,
"CSDL parsing failed, the attribute base type of tag entity type has an unexpected value partyrole"
where partyrole is an abstract class. This is a working model in EF, so why is edml having issues opening it. I can send you the edmx if you want..


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Post by Shalex » Thu 17 Nov 2011 18:11

Could you please send us your model?

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