ED no longer starting when opening .edml in VS2010

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ED no longer starting when opening .edml in VS2010

Post by dethtungue » Thu 08 Sep 2011 18:31

Using VS2010 and ED on Win7 x64. When I right-click an existing .edml file in Solution Explorer and choose the pop-up "Open With" to view an .edml file as XML in an XML editor, Visual Studio will then no longer revert to opening the files in the embedded Entity Developer that was installed in VS as part of my dot connect Oracle Pro. If I use the "Open With" option again to choose "Entity Developer" visual studio continues to open the files in XML view regardless, even if I choose "View Designer" for the file under Solution Explorer.

I had this happen to me twice now. I think I had to reinstall Oracle Dot Connect Pro to get it to work properly again, but that did not work this time. I should have learned to not do this once before when this happened.

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Post by Shalex » Tue 13 Sep 2011 15:01

Could you please upgrade to the latest (6.50.214) version of dotConnect for Oracle? I cannot reproduce this problem with Entity Developer v 4.1.41 (that is shipped with the newest dotConnect for Oracle).

If the problem persitsts, please try these steps with the 4.1.41 version:
- use the 'Open With' item of the context menu on the model;
- select the 'Entity Developer' item;
- click the 'Set as Default' button;
- select 'OK'.

Also tell us the exact version of your Visual Studio: the Help > About menu.

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