Editing a column in a table crashes Enitity Developer

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Editing a column in a table crashes Enitity Developer

Post by Fortis » Wed 26 May 2010 14:10

Every time I try to edit a column in a table (in the storedmodel) Enttiy Devloper crashes and wants to submit a report. Doesnt matter which table/column. Crashes with every column. Any ideas/workarounds?

On another note: In the old version (build118) if you edit a column specification and set it to "computed", the information is not persisted and if you open the column again it is still set to "none".

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Post by AndreyR » Fri 28 May 2010 10:51

The problem with the StoreGeneratedPattern serialization is already fixed in the current 2.80.130 build of Entity Developer.
As for the problem with column editing, could you please send us the error report? Or please specify the error message and the stack trace here, we will investigate the problem.

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