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New build of LinqConnect 4.9.2149 is available!

Posted: Fri 15 Jan 2021 07:39
by Devart
Dear users,

New build of LinqConnect 4.9.2149 is available for download now.

In this version:
  • The new property Local is added to the Table and Table<T> classes to return a collection of the entities attached to the context
  • The new method GetEntityState(object entity) is added to Table class and ITable interface to return one of the EntityState values
  • The bug with throwing "Bad key member '...' in association '...' of type '...'." in runtime by .NET Standard compliant assemblies is fixed
  • The bug with throwing "dbMonitor is not active" by the DataContext.DatabaseExists() functionality, when LinqMonitor is not used, is fixed
Entity Developer
  • The new attribute DisplayName is implemented for model objects' extended properties which are available via template properties
  • The new options --ContextNamespace and --DefaultNamespace are added to the Create-Model command of Console Entity Developer
  • The bug with setting additional keyboard mapping scheme via menu Options on Windows with German display language is fixed

Devart development team