Garbage Disposal & DB Schema Versioning

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Garbage Disposal & DB Schema Versioning

Post by danjus10 » Wed 22 Oct 2014 12:25



I'm looking for some advice on best practice for handle Linq DataContexts - SQL Server.

1. Should encapsulate dbcontext creation in a using statement? or should I wait for garbage collection?

2. I am not using EF so no access to "Migrations" features, i understand I can use dbForge to create schema diffs + update scripts and add to source control. The real question is whats the best way to execute those in a "up/down" version mechanism for application updates?

Appreciate any suggestions you may have.



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Re: Garbage Disposal & DB Schema Versioning

Post by Shalex » Thu 23 Oct 2014 14:18

1. We recommend you to employ the using statement to dispose unmanaged resources after the DataContext object finishes its work.

2. LinqConnect doesn't include any embedded features which are similar to the Entity Framework Migrations functionality.

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