Force LinqConnect to rebuild the .cs file

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Force LinqConnect to rebuild the .cs file

Post by ashlar64 » Tue 13 May 2014 15:30


I was using the designer with LinqConnect and I had a strange crash. The .cs file that goes with the .lqml file went poof and it is totally gone now. Is there a way to force the Entity Designer to re-create the .designer.cs file?

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Re: Force LinqConnect to rebuild the .cs file

Post by MariiaI » Wed 14 May 2014 12:33

The code is automatically generated when you save the model if one of the available templates is added to the model and if the model is valid.

Please perform the following steps:
1) expand the Templates node in Model Explorer - there should be at least one template, e.g. 'LinqConnect'.
If there is no template, please do the following steps:
- open the model (*.lqml file);
- expand the "Templates" node in Model Explorer;
- select "New Template" from the shortcut menu of the "Templates" node in Model Explorer and then select the "LinqConnect" template;

2) select Properties from the shortcut menu of the *.lqml file and check that "Custom Tool" is set to DevartLinqToSqlGenerator.

After this, perform "Run Custom Tool" on your model - right-click the *.lqml file and select "Run Custom Tool".

If this doesn't help, please send us your model, so that we could investigate the issue in more details.

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