LinqConnect42pro - call stored procedure issue

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LinqConnect42pro - call stored procedure issue

Post by DanChen » Tue 12 Nov 2013 17:51

Last month we upgraded our LinqConnect from to After that, we have a issue when we are calling the stored procedure. The error is, several fields data are not correct and they all equal to another field in this object. After we reset the iis, it issue is gone. But after a period, it happens again. Also we never encounter this issue before we upgrade the LinqConnect to 4.2. Any one can help? Thanks!

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Re: LinqConnect42pro - call stored procedure issue

Post by MariiaI » Wed 13 Nov 2013 10:28

Basically, we have made a major refactoring of the LinqConnect engine since version 4.0 and since this version references to System.Data.Linq are removed, and LinqConnect uses only its own classes. So it is necessary to replace all occurrences of "System.Data.Linq." with "Devart.Data.Linq.".

If you are still getting the error after these changes, please specify the following information:
- the DBMS you are working with;
- the script of the stored procedure;
- the generated code for the corresponding method;
- the code where you call this method, etc.

If possible please send us a sample project, with which this error could be reproduced.

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