New Version Updating Model

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New Version Updating Model

Post by Zero-G. » Mon 23 May 2011 15:06

I have downloaded the latest product Version of v6.3 for mySQL

I have two problems with the new version:
1) The mapping of the fields are going confused.
I have tried to update the model by syncronisation with the database. There are some confusing Source fields. Some of the Source fields get added the value 1. Like: Field name in mySQL = ID In the ModelDesigner, The Source is ID1
2) I have foreign keys defined between char(4) fields. - In the mySQL Server everything works fine, but the Model Designer does not know this, so I have to define them after an automatic update by hand again (30 tables, don't make this work funny...)


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Post by StanislavK » Mon 23 May 2011 17:01

Could you please describe the problems in more details? For example, please specify the following:
- whether you've run the 'Update Database from Model' or 'Update Model from Database' wizard;
- the fields of the entity with the 'ID1' storage property, and the columns of the corresponding table;
- what associations were created for the char(4) foreign keys.

If possible, please specify the scripts needed to create the database objects with which these problems occurred.

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