Linq outer join with oracle 8i

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Linq outer join with oracle 8i

Post by crein » Wed 01 Sep 2010 09:59

Hi all :)

Im trying to perform an outer join on a old oracle server version 8.1.6.

I know that Oracle 8i doesnt support ansi join an therefore im using the following syntax to do an inner join.

from table1 from table2
where table1.table2Id.Equals(table2.Id)
select new { .... an so on.

This works.
But if i want to do an "outer join" in Linq i would at something like:

from table1 from table2.DefaultIfEmpty()

But then i get this: "ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended"
This is the same error i get when i use the ansi join syntax.

I know that oracle uses an sql syntax for outer joins with (+) like:

Code: Select all

  table1.Id, table2.table1Id
  table1, table2
  table1.Id = table2.table1Id (+)
Is there any way to do a old stylish outer join in LINQ that will work with an old oracle database?

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Post by crein » Wed 01 Sep 2010 11:08

This is my current LINQ:

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var lagerKart = 
                     (from l in xalDb.Lagerkarts
                     from r in xalDb.Prisrabats
                     from s in xalDb.Lagersums
                     l.Dataset.Equals("DAA") && l.Varenummer.Equals(abProductId) && r.Dataset.Equals("DAA") && r.Varerelation.Equals(l.Linierabat) && r.Varekode.Equals("1") && r.Kontokode.Equals("1") && r.Kontorelation.Equals("3") && s.Dataset.Equals("DAA") && s.Varenummer.Equals(abProductId)
                     select new { Varenummer = l.Varenummer, Linierabat = l.Linierabat, l.Salgspris, Procent1 = r.Procent1, Procent2 = r.Procent2, Procent3 = r.Procent3, s.Bogfxrtantal, s.Modtaget, s.Reservfysisk, s.Reservbestilt, s.Trukket }).SingleOrDefault();
This i doing the inner join. An this works perfect when all 3 tables return values. But this is not the case every time :)

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Post by StanislavK » Thu 02 Sep 2010 15:33

Thank you for your suggestion, we will analyze the possibility of supporting the outer join syntax for older versions of Oracle servers. We will report here about the results.

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