Ability to specify permission grants in model

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Ability to specify permission grants in model

Post by tom.puckett » Fri 24 Jun 2016 13:29

My application is for PostgreSQL database but I think this applies to all server types.

Can there be a way to grant access permissions to an entity as part of the model? I have created a database and deployed my schema, but each table is owned by the login role that I used in my connection string for the deployment. I would like to have an option to specify desired access rights to a group role, since the best practice would be to grant access rights to a group, not a login.

A similar question relates to specifying the owner of the table when deploying it. Can I control the table owner when deploying the schema from Entity Developer to the database?

Maybe if there was a way to execute some DDL script as part of the model deployment process it would help.

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Re: Ability to specify permission grants in model

Post by Shalex » Thu 30 Jun 2016 16:46

The PostgreSQL roles are currently not supported by Entity Developer (and Entity Framework itself). Please submit your suggestion at https://devart.uservoice.com/forums/386 ... -developer.

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