New features in the Entity Framework support!

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New features in the Entity Framework support!

Post by Devart » Thu 12 Dec 2013 12:25

Dear users,

We are glad to announce the new features that are available in the Entity Framework support in the latest version:
  • The bug with creating primary key in the __MigrationHistory table for EF6 in databases with multibyte character set is fixed (MySQL)
  • The bug with applying the config.DatabaseScript.Schema.CharacterSet and config.DatabaseScript.Schema.Collate values, when creating the database basing on the Database connection string parameter
    (config.DatabaseScript.Schema.DeleteDatabaseBehaviour = DeleteDatabaseBehaviour.Database) using CreateDatabase()/Code-First approach, is fixed (MySQL)
  • The behaviour is changed: the schema, specified in the Schema connection string parameter, is created in the database when config.DatabaseScript.Schema.DeleteDatabaseBehaviour is equal to DeleteDatabaseBehaviour.Schema or DeleteDatabaseBehaviour.Database (PostgreSQL)
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