Don't think csdl/msl/ssdl are embedded

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Don't think csdl/msl/ssdl are embedded

Post by MarkusR » Mon 18 Nov 2013 22:19

I am using vs2012 / devart 6.8 / .net 3.5

I am generating my model in my class library using: Add -> New Item -> Devart Entity Model...

I go through all the steps and it the model is generated. I do not see a physical csdl, msl, or ssdl file. In the edml I do see:

Code: Select all

<!-- EF Runtime content -->
    <!-- SSDL content -->
      <Schema Namespace="MyWeb.WebServices.Internal.Data.Entities.CommPref.Store" Alias="Self" Provider="Devart.Data.Oracle" ProviderManifestToken="Ora11g" xmlns:store="" xmlns:devart="" xmlns="">
        <EntityContainer Name="CommPrefEntitiesStoreContainer">
          <EntitySet Name="SMS_TEMPLATEs" EntityType="MyWeb.WebServices.Internal.Data.Entities.CommPref.Store.SMS_TEMPLATE" store:Type="Tables" Schema="MY_WEB" Table="SMS_TEMPLATE" />
          <EntitySet Name="SMS_DELIVERY_LOGs" EntityType="MyWeb.WebServices.Internal.Data.Entities.CommPref.Store.SMS_DELIVERY_LOG" store:Type="Tables" Schema="MY_WEB" Table="SMS_DELIVERY_LOG" />
          <EntitySet Name="CUST_CELL_SETTINGS" EntityType="MyWeb.WebServices.Internal.Data.Entities.CommPref.Store.CUST_CELL_SETTINGS" store:Type="Tables" Schema="MY_WEB" Table="CUST_CELL_SETTINGS" />
          <EntitySet Name="COMM_PREF_RESPs" EntityType="MyWeb.WebServices.Internal.Data.Entities.CommPref.Store.COMM_PREF_RESP" store:Type="Tables" Schema="MY_WEB" Table="COMM_PREF_RESP" />
          <EntitySet Name="RETRIEVE_COMM_PREF_SETUPs" EntityType="MyWeb.WebServices.Internal.Data.Entities.CommPref.Store.RETRIEVE_COMM_PREF_SETUP" store:Type="Views" Schema="MY_WEB" Table="RETRIEVE_COMM_PREF_SETUP" />
          <EntitySet Name="RETRIEVE_COMM_PREF_RESPs" EntityType="MyWeb.WebServices.Internal.Data.Entities.CommPref.Store.RETRIEVE_COMM_PREF_RESP" store:Type="Views" Schema="MY_WEB" Table="RETRIEVE_COMM_PREF_RESP" />
        <EntityType Name="SMS_TEMPLATE">
            <PropertyRef Name="SMS_TEMPLATE_KY" />
The WCF host service does not appear to be able to find the embedded resource... Here is my connection string:

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    <add name="CommPrefConnectionString" connectionString="metadata=res://*/CommPrefModel.csdl|res://*/CommPrefModel.ssdl|res://*/CommPrefModel.msl;provider=Devart.Data.Oracle;provider connection string="User Id=wp_web;Password=xxxx;Server=xxxx;Direct=True;Sid=av1dev;Persist Security Info=True""
      providerName="System.Data.EntityClient" />

Here is my error: Unable to load the specified metadata resource.

At first I thought it had to do with the Entity Developer but now I think it has to do with the resources not being embedded.


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Re: Don't think csdl/msl/ssdl are embedded

Post by Shalex » Tue 19 Nov 2013 17:12

MarkusR wrote:I think it has to do with the resources not being embedded.
Seems like this is exactly the reason of the error.
1. Visual Studio 2012 is supported by dotConnect for Oracle starting from the 7.2 version: ... story.html. Please upgrade. We recommend using the latest (8.1.36) build.
2. Make sure that the Metadata Artifact Processing property of your model is set to Embed In Output Assembly.

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Re: Don't think csdl/msl/ssdl are embedded

Post by MarkusR » Tue 19 Nov 2013 21:42

Thanks you for the info!

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