New features in the Entity Framework support!

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New features in the Entity Framework support!

Post by Devart » Thu 05 Sep 2013 15:32

Dear users,

We are glad to announce the new features that are available in the Entity Framework support in the latest version:
  • Entity Framework 6 Release Candidate 1 is supported (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Salesforce, DB2)
  • SharpMap 1.0 RTM is supported (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • NetTopologySuite 1.13.1 is supported (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • Devart.Data.Oracle.Entity.SharpMap.dll assembly is renamed to Devart.Data.Oracle.Entity.Spatials.dll (Oracle)
  • Devart.Data.MySql.Entity.Spatials.dll assembly is added (MySQL)
  • Devart.Data.PostgreSql.Entity.Spatials.dll assembly is added (PostgreSQL)
  • The config.DmlOptions.UseReturningClause configuration option (default value is True) is added to provide the possibility to turn off generation of RETURNING clause when obtaining database-generated values with INSERT/UPDATE commands (Oracle)
  • The behaviour is changed: the parameter, which participates in the IS NULL comparison, is cast to a particular type in the generated SQL query (PostgreSQL)
  • The bug with generating NRE when adding parameter to a command in IDbCommandInterceptor.ReaderExecuting in Entity Framework 6 is fixed (MySQL, Oracle, POstgreSQL, DB2)
  • The bug with applying datetime and time data types when generating SQL with UNION statements, which correspond to multiple Include constructions in LINQ to Entities, is fixed (PostgreSQL)
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