Same class name Entity

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Same class name Entity

Post by degas » Thu 04 Jul 2013 20:53

Look at this issue i have created in Codeplex.
Is this a limitation of your driver for oracle
I am using version

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Re: Same class name Entity

Post by Shalex » Fri 05 Jul 2013 13:36

We have reproduced the following error with your test project in our environment:
Failure: System.NotSupportedException : The type 'SziCom.Degas.Entity.Model.Sistema.Usuario' and the type 'SziCom.Degas.Entity.Model.Degnet.Usuario' both have the same simple name of 'Usuario' and so cannot be used in the same model. All types in a given model must have unique simple names. Use 'NotMappedAttribute' or call Ignore in the Code First fluent API to explicitly exclude a property or type from the model.
This is a limitation of Entity Framework.

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