VS2010 add-in blank and no code generated using wizard.

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VS2010 add-in blank and no code generated using wizard.

Post by ReggiePerrin » Tue 20 Sep 2011 15:02


I've downloaded and installed the latest EntityDeveloper. I'm local admin on a W7 box with SQL Server 2008 and VS2010.

(1) The VS2010 addin has the tabs for Database and Model Explorer but they're both blank and there's nothing on the context menus. Is this normal? Looks broken to me.

(2) I used the wizard to create EF Code First from an existing db. Having to set the output locations for the files in the Properties for the different Entity Framework templates by hand is not good. I would have expected the generated code to be either written out to the default folder or for the wizard to have asked for this info when I chose the template. The message "Code generation finished successfully." is incorrect when no files are generated!

I know this is a thin bug report but if you ask me for more specific information I will find it out (rather than posting a lot of useless data now).


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Post by Shalex » Thu 22 Sep 2011 12:42

(1) Have you added Devart Entity Model or Devart LinqConnect Model or Devart NHibernate Model to your project to work with it using our tools?
(2) Could you please try the Code-First approach with Devart Entity Developer http://www.devart.com/blogs/dotconnect/ ... plate.html ? When I used stand-alone (not integrated in Visual Studio) Entity Developer v 4.1.41 with the DbContext template and set the Context Output and Entities Output properties, the corresponding *.Designer.cs file was generated on the specified path with the contest and the entities I have added to my model.

1. Tell us the exact version (x.xx.xxx) and edition of your Entity Developer (Help > About or Tools > Entity Developer > About for VS).
2. Are you using stand-alone Entity Developer or the one that is integrated in VS?
3. Specify the exact steps we should follow to reproduce the issue.

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