Using two different pre-created views (MSS and ORA)

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Using two different pre-created views (MSS and ORA)

Post by Patrasch » Fri 02 Sep 2011 12:18

My application supports two DBMS, MSS and ORACLE.
I have different files for SSDL, CSDL and MSL-Files. I decare the file in the connection string (metadata).

i have also two pre-created views, generated with EDMGEN.
MyApp.SqlServer.Views.cs and MyApp.Oracle.Views.cs.
...both named: DbContext

this.EdmEntityContainerName = "DbContext";
this.StoreEntityContainerName = "MyAppDataAccessStoreContainer";
this.HashOverMappingClosure = "f0db84eb7f310e81702b68b7d119e6ce5c0e1cbd6f73acf37ff740659f83baa6";
this.HashOverAllExtentViews = "b1f4210268303a8d35270812ce8f19fc180ffa2aab88b80cb688d15a5dc91268";
this.ViewCount = 498;

i can use the correct view file in the IDE (debug mode) if i rename the other... e.g. to "DbContextxxx"

how can i do this at running time, automatically using the correct View class? is there any possibility?

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Post by Shalex » Tue 06 Sep 2011 12:48

Sorry, but this point exceeds the goals of our support. This is a general question (not provider-specific), and we do not have experience in the usage of this approach.

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