simple entity update getting stuck in oci dll

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simple entity update getting stuck in oci dll

Post by kussaued » Fri 08 Jul 2011 06:58

This code works fine:

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TwinTagEntities entityContext = new Entities.TwinTagEntities();
MyCompany.Entities.ACHSE wagen = (from achse in entityContext.ACHSEs select achse).First();
While this code placed just after the above call will never return from the SaveChanges() call. According to my debugger it is stuck in an OCI execute statement in a OCI dll (got a using MyCompany.Entities in my code):

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TwinTagEntities entityContext2 = new Entities.TwinTagEntities();
Entities.ACHSE wagen2 = (from achse in entityContext2.ACHSEs select achse).First();
wagen2.RECORDSTATUS = 0;
The only difference I see is the usage of a fully qualified name in example one
Entities.ACHSE wagen3 =
instead of
MyCompany.Entities.ACHSE wagen2 =
Do you got any idea what could be the cause of this behavior or any advice on how to further debug this issue?

Thanks for any help
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Post by AndreyR » Fri 08 Jul 2011 10:18

Could you please send us a test project illustrating the reported behaviour?
This is unexpected behaviour at the first sight.

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