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MsBuild/dotConnect problen on a build server

Posted: Mon 24 Jan 2011 12:14
by object
We have installed dotConnect on our build server. A console application is configured to be run during the MsBuild script execution. It does not work, complaining about missing license, although we have tried both placing license file in the application folder and embedding it into the application as described in Devart documentation. What is strange is that the same application works fine when executed by a user logged on to that machine. So this looks like user privileges problems, not dotConnect license file problem.

Has anyone come across similar issues?

Posted: Wed 26 Jan 2011 18:25
by Shalex
As I understood, you are building your console application that uses the Devart.* assemblies with MsBuild. And MsBuild does not embed the Devart license resource properly into your console application assembly. Is this correct?

It is possible to run applications which use the Devart.* assemblies (but do not have a valid license resource) on the machine where dotConnect for Oracle is installed. Because .NET license validator looks for dotConnect for Oracle to be installed on the machine if valid license resource is not found into the assembly. This can explain the reason why your application works on the workstation where dotConnect for Oracle is installed.

You can send us the binary (*.exe) of your console application and we will check if its license resource is valid.