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Post by RobIntechnica » Fri 03 Sep 2010 14:09

AndreyR wrote:Rob, unfortunately, we have not received anything.
You can try support * devart * com or andreyr * devart * com.
Please try once again.

I've now sent again to andreyr address.

The file is 2MB. I hope this is not too big?


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Post by cjbiggs » Tue 03 May 2011 03:39

Have this problem been resolved so that workaround is no longer needed? I am getting this problem with the latest dotConnect for Postgres Beta. I am using VS 2010 SP1 and TFS SP1.


Charlie J.

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Post by Shalex » Thu 05 May 2011 15:44

The problem should be fixed in the latest versions of dotConnect products.

Please give us the following information:
1) the exact text of the error and your call stack;
2) are you getting this error when building your project with MSBuild or this is a runtime error?
3) please check the BuildLog.txt file. Do you have something like:

Target "DevartEntityDeploy" in file "C:\Program Files\MSBuild\Devart\v3.5\Devart.Data.Entity.targets" from project "C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Temp\WebApp2\build\Sources\WebApplication2\WebApplication2\WebApplication2.csproj":
Using "DevartEntityDeploy" task from assembly "C:\Program Files\MSBuild\Devart\v3.5\Devart.Data.Entity.Build.Tasks.dll".
Task "DevartEntityDeploy"
DevartEntityDeploy succeeded for 1 items.
Done executing task "DevartEntityDeploy".
Done building target "DevartEntityDeploy" in project "WebApplication2.csproj".

in it?
4) also check that you have the Devart.Data.Entity.Build.Tasks.dll file in the MSBuild\Devart\v3.5\ folder.

Notify us about the results.

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