Expression of type <type> is not queryable

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Expression of type <type> is not queryable

Post by kaletm » Fri 14 May 2010 13:03

I have 2 projects, one a class library file to hold my model (.edmx) and another which is web application project.

I have referenced every single dll that begins with devart in my web project as well as my own class library &

I am also importing all these namespaces in my class. However, when I try to do a simple query..

Dim db = New FootPrintsEntityProject.FootPrintsEntities()
Dim results = From p In db.MASTER1

I get the following error:

Expression of type 'System.Data.Objects.ObjectSet(Of FootPrintsEntityProject.MASTER1)' is not queryable. Make sure you are not missing an assembly reference and/or namespace import for the LINQ provider.

This same query works fine within the class library itself, so it must be a reference or import problem, but which one???? I've tried adding everything under the sun from devart.

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Post by AndreyR » Tue 18 May 2010 16:13

Could you please add all references you have in the class library to the project using it? This should help.
Please let me know if anything goes wrong.

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