some direction needed

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some direction needed

Post by zedjr » Mon 28 Sep 2009 22:06

hello i am very new to coding but catching on. I have a few questions. I have decided to use visual studio 2008 with dotconnect to postgresql. I am jsut sending queries and then sending it into my own app. My goal is to learn to use the different functions inside of visual studio.

1. Am using visual studio 2008 c# with dotconnect to postgresql using the ling to sql technology. IS this the best method and combo devart app and technology considering i want to learn inside of visual studio using c#?

2. I am guessing to do a complete query from query to displaying info on a form from a psotgresql db i need to use the following visual studio 2008 tools that devart p[uts inside of the ide :PgSqlConnection,PgSqlCommand,PgSqlDataAdapter,PgSqlDataTable and PgSqlDataset. Am i correct in this?

3. I choosed visual studio 2008 c# and not c++ cause of the memory management and upkeep issues i amy run into and was told c# integrates well with postgresql and would be much easier to learn c# inside of visual studio. Is my assumption correct?

thanks for any answers anyone has as i am tryign to gather as much knowledge as i can and how things work and why.

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Post by AndreyR » Wed 30 Sep 2009 09:09

1. Our LINQ to PostgreSQL implementation gives you the opportunity to have LINQ to SQL advantages using PostgreSQL.
2. Could you please describe the scenario you need to implement?
3. This assumption is correct, C# is easier to learn and it contains a lot of so-called "syntax sugar".

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