Migration from SQLServer to dotConnect Oracle

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Migration from SQLServer to dotConnect Oracle

Post by Eyal » Wed 12 Aug 2009 14:47

Hi Guys,

I've downloaded the evaluation package of dotConnect, and I can generate a new EDMX from my Oracle DB, however, I already have a working EDMX with corresponding classes that I created for the MSSQL version and quite a bit of work I did.
I could not find in the documentation how to do the EF migration from the regular .NET provider with MSSQL to dotConnect with Oracle.
Does a recommended procedure on how to do such a migration exist?


Eyal Mey-Tal

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Post by AndreyR » Thu 13 Aug 2009 12:15

There is no automated wizard or any other simple way to migrate.
I recommend you to create an Oracle database objects structure duplicating the SQL Server structure
with the same names. Then generate a model from the Oracle database, take the SSDL part only
and replace the SQL Server model's SSDL part. Make the corrections if necessary.
As a result, you obtain the old conceptual model with new storage layer.

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