using cursor solution for SPs and ESQL's except keyword

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Ido Flatow
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using cursor solution for SPs and ESQL's except keyword

Post by Ido Flatow » Tue 09 Jun 2009 13:48

We've implemented devart's solution for declaring SPs for CUD operations (adding a dummy column that will handle the cursor return value of SPs), and we've encountered a problem using except keywords.

When we have an entity with the dummy field, the generated SQL contains a null blob value. When we use an esql statement that uses except, such as :
select value X from entity as X
select value T from entity as T where ...

The generated sql is constructed of 2 sql statements with a "Minus" operator, and the sql throws the following error:
"inconsistent datatypes: expected - got BLOB".

We know by now that the problem is having the Blob columns, the question is whether a solution exists for this problem?

Thank in advance,
Ido Flatow.

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Post by Shalex » Wed 10 Jun 2009 09:24

We will investigate this issue. In the nearest future we plan to impement the enhanced functionality which will allow to use SPs for CUD operations without adding a dummy column.

Devart Team
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Post by AndreyR » Wed 29 Jul 2009 07:56

Please refer to the new tutorial here:

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