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I have more or less the same problem...

We are working in a new N-Layered application with EF4 as ORM. As a requirement, we need to give support for both SQL Server and Oracle existing databases.

Our wish was to build a single EDMX model and then generate our business entities from a TT file.

The main problem was that database providers may generate different .NET types from our database field types. In this case, we'll have different EDMX models and then different auto-generated entities, which is more or less the same as have two different applications.

I don't know if we could have different SSDL files with specific database information (one for Oracle and another one for SQL Server) in separete files and share CDSL and MSL information for both databases.

Would be this solution possible?

Could we perform this in some "automatic" way using EDMX designer?

There is some basic sample showing this working model?

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