Protocol-Error when trying to connect with SSL

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Protocol-Error when trying to connect with SSL

Post by s3tb » Thu 30 Jul 2020 09:14


I'm using dotConnect 7.17.1666 with Postgresql 12 on a ubuntu-Server. When trying to connect to the server/database, I get the following error:

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The server hello message uses a protocol that was not recognized.
I already read the older posts concerning this issue but I coudn't resolve my problem. The ssl-configuration In the current postgresql.conf looks like this:

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ssl = on
ssl_ciphers = 'HIGH:MEDIUM:+3DES:!aNULL'
#ssl_min_protocol_version = 'TLSv1.1'
#ssl_max_protocol_version = 'TLSv1.2'
I also tried to connect with ssl_min_ and ssl_max set, but with no success. The code to connect to the server is like

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Dim con As New PgSqlConnection With {
         .ConnectionString = "host=;Port=5432;user id=musterdb;Password=mypassword;database=musterdb;unicode=true;"
      con.SslOptions.CACert = "C:\Daten\root.crt"
      con.SslOptions.Cert = "C:\Daten\musterdb.crt"
      con.SslOptions.Key = "C:\Daten\musterdb.key"
      con.SslOptions.SslMode = SslMode.Require
      con.SslOptions.TlsProtocol = "1.2"
      con.SslOptions.CipherList = "3DES"
I tried connectiong without the TlsProtocol-Option and setting the Cipherlist to "ALL" as well. I'm out of ideas. A connection with pgAdmin4 with the same parameters works just fine.

Would you please give some advice?

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Re: Protocol-Error when trying to connect with SSL

Post by Shalex » Mon 03 Aug 2020 15:02

The list of ciphers supported by dotConnect for PostgreSQL is available at ... tions.html.

Most likely, the following configuration option doesn't allow the usage of any supported ciphers:

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#ssl_min_protocol_version = 'TLSv1.1'

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