New Beta of PostgreSQLDirect .NET Data Provider 2.50 available!

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New Beta of PostgreSQLDirect .NET Data Provider 2.50 available!

Post by SecureGen » Fri 31 Mar 2006 15:39

Dear users,

Please try new Beta version of PostgreSQLDirect .NET 2.50 available for download now.
In this version we introduced following features:
  • Data Design Extensibility (DDEX) for Visual Studio 2005 support added
  • ASP.NET 2.0 providers added: Membership Provider, Profile Provider, Role Provider, Session State Povider
  • DataSet Wizard added
  • Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block support added
  • Borland Delphi 2006 support added
  • Provider invariant name changed
  • Added streaming support for PgSqlScript
  • Added list of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Bug with setting empty parameter in connection string fixed
  • Bug with fetching oidvector values for PostgreSQL 8.0 and later fixed
  • Bug with finalizators fixed
  • Bug with licensing in Std version for .NET2 Framework fixed
  • Bug with .NET and .NET2 versions compatibility fixed
  • Bug with mixed case in database objects names fixed
  • Bug with parameters regenerating in PgSqlDataAdapter editor fixed
  • Bug with DataSet generator fixed
We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Core Lab development team


Login/Logout Problem with Membership-Session provider

Post by Mayank » Mon 17 Apr 2006 11:05


I used the beta version on 05 and came across a few issues:

When I logout, my login status still shows that Im logged in.
When I set the property of login status control such that it redirects to another page, it does but when i go back to the previous page, the session is still alive. So I tried to explicitly end the session by calling session.abandon() but the page crashes. Im new to but have worked with the sample access membersip provider available on msdn and it worked fine.

How long will it take crlab to come up with a stable version? Looking forward to use it.

good luck :D

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Post by Oleg » Thu 20 Apr 2006 09:29

Connection is not closed because connection pooling is enabled. For more information on connection pooling please refer to MSDN.
PostgreSQLDirect .NET 2.50 Final is released.
You can download it from our site.

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