New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.7.819 is available!

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New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.7.819 is available!

Post by Devart » Mon 16 Jan 2017 15:08

Dear users,

New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.7.819 is available for download now.

In this version:
  • Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate is supported
  • The Info property, which contains info from the second parameter of NOTIFY command, is added to PgSqlAlerterAlertEventArgs
  • The Error event is added to the PgSqlDependency class
  • The PgSqlLine struct and PgSqlDataReader.GetPgSqlLine() method are implemented for PostgreSQL server 9.4 and higher
  • The bug with not creating Constraints and Primary Keys collections for PgSqlDataTable with a query that contains a subquery is fixed
  • The bug with backing up values of PostGIS datatypes via the PgSqlDump class is fixed
  • The bug with returning a text of the actual error for INSERT queries in the "FetchAll=False" mode is fixed
Entity Developer
  • The bug with detecting auto generated columns by Create Model Wizard and Update Model From Database Wizard is fixed (LinqConnect models)
Entity Framework support
  • The bug with comparing non-nullable properties in LINQ query when config.QueryOptions.UseCSharpNullComparisonBehavior=true is fixed
  • The bug with using AddForeignKeyOperation and DropForeignKeyOperation in EF Core Code-First Migrations is fixed
  • The bug with throwing the "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object" error with Batch Updates in EF1/EF4/EF5/EF6, if the previous SaveChanges() failed, is fixed
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