Devart Datatypes for corresponding PostgreSql Columntypes

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Devart Datatypes for corresponding PostgreSql Columntypes

Post by chris901 » Sun 14 Aug 2016 05:51


i am currently working with a table that has a box and some point datatypes.

In Npgsql there are equivalent types available in c#:

For example:

box converts to NpgsqlBox
Point converts to NpgsqlPoint

I had a look at your documentation page: ... pping.html

But it seems all these types get just converted to string?

I bought the dotConnect Professional edition that lists:

> All PostgreSQL data types support, including Composite types
> Provider-specific types support

I am wondering if Devart also provides c# datatypes for these (and other postgresql specific datatypes) and where i can find a list of them?


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