Licening V2.5

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Licening V2.5

Post by T.Winkler » Fri 24 Feb 2006 15:55

I have a try to use the Version 2.5 and i can not find a way to install this version without the prompt : License Expired Please contact Corlab
No problems with 2.2
Smal problems with 2.4, but it works
No way to find how to work with 2.5

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Post by Paul » Mon 27 Feb 2006 16:00

Can you reproduce this problem with one of sample projects from PostgreSQLDirect .NET 2.5?
Please check that *.licenses resource is present in compiled assembly.
Please check that licenses.licx is included in your project.

What version of Visual Studio do you use? What version of PostgreSQLDirect .NET do you use (Mobile)?
Do you write class library (dll), executable application (exe), web project, web project with dynamically compiled sources?
Do you compile your project in Visual Studio environment or using command line?

If you have a problem, please create small application with one PgSqlConnection and license information. Please send us sources and .EXE, .DLL files

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Post by T.Winkler » Tue 28 Feb 2006 16:29

yes I have the problems also with the samples. I have a try on all ways to install the software include to reinstall my computer because i get the info that the bug is fixed to use the provider for .net 1.1 and donnet2 on the same computer. I try it with version 2.4 (the last one ) but the provider for dotnet2 is only working if the provider for dotnet 1.1 is NOT installed. The 2.5 Software will be not run in any case.

I use VS2003 and the VS2005 Update. Both Versions are proffesional.
All my try´s are in Windows forms and I do not have a try to make a compiled version because all error come before.
Sure I read the help files, the formus and the FAQ. I tryed it with old projects also like new projects.
And the licenses file will be allways include in my projekt.

If I use the version for dotnet2 (2.4) I found there more errors in the Update Comand of the Dataadapter. If I use a Table wich have a Key on a field wich is a serial he will be generate wrong Update und Delete strings. Please be so kind and let me know what will be wrong here.

Allways I use the postgres version 8.0.3 windows based for local connections and 8.0.6 linux based for internet servers.

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Licening V2.5

Post by SecureGen » Wed 01 Mar 2006 12:38

We have fixed the problem. The fix will be available in the next build of PostgreSQLDirect .NET. Watch for announcements in the forum.

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