Failing to Generate Postgresql DB Script from EDMX

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Failing to Generate Postgresql DB Script from EDMX

Post by nate393 » Thu 31 Jul 2014 18:02


im trying to migrate to postgresql from ms sql. i have the following:

1. visual studio 2013 project with references to (,,
2. dotconnect postgresql 7.3.215
3.entity framework 6.1.1

I need to migrate our current ms sql generated edmx to a postgresql server. From what I've read, and with attempts on earlier versions of the above mentioned, I've managed to do this. however, I cannot with the above mentioned versions. I get the following error when clicking "Generate Database from Model" from the edmx:

"Could not find the appropriate dbProviderManifest to generate the SSDL. the supplied provider manifest token '2012' is not valid.

any help would be appreciated
thank you

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Re: Failing to Generate Postgresql DB Script from EDMX

Post by Shalex » Fri 01 Aug 2014 05:38

You have installed the Professional edition of dotConnect for PostgreSQL, haven't you? Only Professional edition supports Entity Framework. You can check your edition via the Tools > PostgreSQL > About menu of Visual Studio.

Please install Entity Developer Professional Trial for migrating (you can uninstall it after the migration is done, it is needed because it supports System.Data.SqlClient):
a) open your existing *.edmx model in Entity Developer
b) change provider to dotConnect for PostgreSQL (Devart.Data.PostgreSql) via Database Explorer, adjust the new connection string
c) right click on designer surface > Regenerate Storage and Mapping
d) save model (as *.edml). Entity Developer allows only to import *.edmx but the output would be *.edml. Output can not be *.edmx because Entity Developer uses extra tags and attributes, additional features which are not supported by EDM Designer. Devart designer (*.edml) offers a wider range of functionality comparing to the standard designer.
That's all. Now you can uninstall Entity Developer as a separate tool. dotConnect for PostgreSQL Professional includes its own Entity Developer which can be used only with Devart.Data.PostgreSql.

We recommend using Entity Developer (the Devart Entity Model item, *.edml) instead of EDM Wizard/Designer (the ADO.NET Entity Data Model, *.edmx) because Entity Developer includes an advanced functionality comparing to standard EDM Designer: .

After migration is done, open your *.edml model, navigate to Tools > Entity Developer > Model Explorer > the Templates node and choose the needed code generation template.

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