New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.3.125 is available!

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New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.3.125 is available!

Post by Devart » Thu 27 Mar 2014 13:36

Dear users,

New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 7.3.125 is available for download now.

In this version:
  • The behaviour is changed: the instance_id field of the wf_activity_info table in Workflow Tracking implementation is of varchar(100) type now
  • The bug with parsing private key in the PKCS#8 format is fixed
  • The bug with 'SSL Mode' parameter value not passed to a PgSqlAlerter object connection is fixed
LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to PostgreSQL)
  • The JSON data type is supported
  • The bug related to the incorrect detection of class type when working with the TPH inheritances and discriminators of the String/Decimal type is fixed
Entity Developer
  • The override modifier for DbSet class properties generated by DbContext templates is added (Entity Framework models)
  • The bug with setting nullable type for EnumType property by the Data Transfer Object template is fixed
Entity Framework support
  • Entity Framework 6.1.0 RTM is supported
  • Entity Framework 6.1.0 Tools for Visual Studio 2012 & 2013 are supported
  • The use of the JSON data type in string canonical functions and comparison operators (equality and inequality) is supported
  • The releasing of memory, which was allocated for commands and readers of ObjectContext / DbContext, is improved
  • The bug related to the "UNION types json and character varying cannot be matched" error is fixed
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