permission denied for relation

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permission denied for relation

Post by skarosg3 » Tue 18 Feb 2014 10:01

Hi all,
I have been trying to get a Visual basic connection to my postgres DB for days, till i finaly came acros your site. it seems to be working like a charm. At least it seems to be connected to the DB.

I try to run a select command, as seen on your documentation

Code: Select all

Dim myConn As PgSqlConnection = New PgSqlConnection()
        myConn.ConnectionString = "User Id=myId;Password=Password;Host=;Port=5432;Unicode=true;"
        Dim command As PgSqlCommand = myConn.CreateCommand()
        command.CommandText = "select col from table"
 Using readers As PgSqlDataReader = command.ExecuteReader()
                While readers.Read()
                For i As Integer = 0 To readers.FieldCount - 1
                    TextBoxA.Text = readers.GetValue(i).ToString() & vbNewLine
            End While
        End Using
and i am getting an error on
readers As PgSqlDataReader = command.ExecuteReader()
The error is
permission denied for relation table
The postgres isntallation is on a lan computer, and i think i did everything ok. To be honest its the first postgres lan installation i did, but i assume everything is set up.

Do you have any idea what might be the problem?

Devart Team
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Re: permission denied for relation

Post by Pinturiccio » Thu 20 Feb 2014 12:31

The exception "permission denied for relation table" is a PostgreSQL exception. This exception can be reproduced with pgAdmin too. This exception means that the 'myId' user does not have priviledges for performing SELECT from the table 'table'.

If you want to perform the query:

Code: Select all

select col from table
You need to grant the required privileges to the 'myId' user. For more information, please refer to ... grant.html

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