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Post by sskumar1 » Wed 11 Jan 2006 22:55

hi all,
I am new to both postgresql and, so this might sound like a stupid question. I have built a application which uses ODBC postgres as datasource in I just bought std to take out the trouble of setting up ODBC in computers I install this application on.

I was wondering if it is possible to create dataset designer using 2.4 version. Since I have lot of tables I would rather use the designer capability in VS 2005 than code everything. I thought since the vs 2005 has capability creating DB design for oracle DB and SQL db, this might be similar to that but after I install 2.4 I cannot find it in the list of data source type. Any input is appriciated.
- kumar

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Post by SecureGen » Thu 12 Jan 2006 08:01

For now we do not support DataSource configuration wizard. We are working on issue now and expect this feature during month.
After installing PostgreSQLDirect .NET for VS 2005 you see the new tab PostgreSQLDirect in toolbox. Using components in toolbox you can create datasets from DataAdapter.

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