Documentation & licence problem

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Documentation & licence problem

Post by thaynes » Sat 07 Jan 2006 19:03

Bit of a problem trying to evaluate the product. Any help most welcome...

I have PostgreSQL 8.1 installed and working happily via npgsql. This has some performance issues, so I thought I'd try this product. I downloaded the trial version (.NET 1.1) and it installs quite happily. Then there are two problems.

First problem: none of the documentation works. The (twice) downloaded .chm file is blank and the online doc in the start menu just comes up with "the page cannot be displayed". I have a fully patched WinXP, I have no problems reading any other compiled help file and I can look at any other page on the Internet, so the docs all appear very broken. Not a good omen!

Anyway, a bit of poking around in the samples and I managed to get my test program to compile. However, when I run I just get "CoreLab.PostgreSql.PgSqlException: License expired or not valid." I doubt it could expire in half an hour, so without documentation I'm now a bit stumped. Any ideas?


Tim :(

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Post by December » Tue 10 Jan 2006 09:16

Regarding documentation issue.
Please take a look at the following topic:
It can fix problems with CHM documentation.

If you can't find PostgreSQLDirect .NET Data Provider node in Visual Studio Help Collection it is probably because you enabled topics filtering. To reveal the node set filter to "Core Lab Documentation", or "(unfiltered)", or "Visual C#" etc.
Try the following methods to reach documentation and set proper filter:
  • Use appropriate shortcut in start menu, for instance, Start - Programs - Core Lab PostgreSQLDirect .NET - PostgreSQLDirect .NET documentation.
  • Use command in the IDE: Tools - PostgreSQL - PostgreSQLDirect .NET Help.
  • Position cursor on some class from CoreLab.PostgreSql and press F1.
Regarding licensing issue.
After you open the documentation please navigate to topic "Licensing" and follow instructions provided there.

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Solution for VS 2005 on XP SP2

Post by Traveler » Thu 12 Jan 2006 20:16

Change the PostgreSQLDirect .NET Documentation shortcut from

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Help\dexplore.exe" /helpcol ms-help://CoreLab.PostgreSql


"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Help 8\dexplore.exe" /helpcol ms-help://CoreLab.PostgreSql

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