using components in the service

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using components in the service

Post by galina » Wed 04 Jan 2006 17:19

I try to work with the trial version of PostgreSQLDirect.Net. There are client application and web service. In the client application I create DataSet with some tables, insert data in these tables and send this dataset to the service. Then in service I'll try to update this dataset. If I do it with components, I have exception situation, if I write code all works normal. That's why I have two question:
1. Should the components Connection, Adapter and Command work with received dataset in service?
2. One of the column in the Table of dataset is DateTime Type, Parameter for this field is pgSqlType.Date. Adapter insert data "01/02/2006" (January, 2nd) as "02/01/2006" (February, 1st). What should I do with this?

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Post by SecureGen » Thu 05 Jan 2006 10:34

1. DataAdapter updates rows in modified state. So please check that your received DataSet has information about row state and it contains rows in modified state.
2. Please check the regional settings on a computer that executes update commands in order to make sure that date format of input string corresponds to the regional settings.

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