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Post by Rogers » Wed 08 Jun 2011 07:20

i backup a database using pgsqldump class ,but out of memory exception occur
PgSqlConnection conn = new PgSqlConnection( connectionStringBuilder.ConnectionString )
PgSqlDump pgSqlDump = new PgSqlDump();
pgSqlDump.Connection = conn;
pgSqlDump.IncludeBlob= True;
pgSqlDump.Backup( @"c:\backup.dmp" );

is that something i m missing
help its urgent

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Post by Shalex » Thu 09 Jun 2011 11:12

Please refer to Is that what you mean (System.OutOfMemoryException on PgSqlDump.Restore())?

If not, please give us the following information:
1) the stack trace when the error occurs;
2) your current version ( of dotConnect for PostgreSQL. You can find it in the Tools > PostgreSQL > About menu of Visual Studio;
3) the steps we should follow to reproduce the issue:
a) your connection string (roughly, without credentials);
b) the version of your PostgreSQL server;
c) try to localize the issue by specifying the PgSqlDump.Schema and PgSqlDump.Tables properties. Which is table's content causing this problem? Please send us the DDL/DML script of this table.

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