DBMonitor stack problem.

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DBMonitor stack problem.

Post by njwtech » Thu 13 Oct 2005 00:47

I am having a problem with an application I wrote. When I update the query using the following line:

employeesDataAdapter.Update(employeesDataSet1, "employees");

I get an error:

could not determine data type of parameter $6

I am sure I have a problem with my dataset, and I thought it would be helpful to use DBMonitor. I dropped the PgSqlMonitor control on the form and activated it. DBMonitor works fine until I get to the line where the error occurs. Now when I try to update the dataset I get an error:

stack empty

If I set the PgSqlMonitor.active to "False" it goes back to the first error. Set it to "True" and I get no entry in DBMonitor for that particular line of code, and I get the stack error. Any ideas?

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Post by SecureGen » Thu 13 Oct 2005 12:34

I can not reproduce your problem. Could you please send me more data for analysis. I need DDL statement to create the table(s) and select statement that you use in PgSQLCommand.

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