Typed DataSet Will Not Compile

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Typed DataSet Will Not Compile

Post by joebocop » Wed 02 Feb 2011 12:09

Having trouble with VS2010 (sp1 beta applied) and the newest release of dotConnect for Postgresql.

When I use a connection string stored as part of the project's settings as the connection object in creating a new Typed pgsqlDataSet (with the wizard), I am returned the exclamation dialog:

"The Typed DataSet will not Compile. Open the DataSet in the DataSet designer and verify each TableAdapter is set to a valid connection."

Thereafter, when I right-click a table in the XSD designer and select "Preview Data...", then clicking on the Preview button returns an error dialog:

"Unable to find connection [My_Connection_Object_Name] for object 'Settings'. The connection string could not be found in application settings..."

Additionally, binding the DataSet to a .net datagridView control produces no data.

Is this expected behaviour?

I have also tried using a connection object not as part of the applications settings, and this does not produce the same errors. In this case, however, the resultant dataset's XSD file can not be opened, returning the error dialog:

"The operation could not be completed."

What on earth am I doing wrong here?

Many thanks for the help as I take my first steps with this pgsql provider. Hoping I can get it to work here...

Thanks again,


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Post by Shalex » Fri 04 Feb 2011 13:54

Joe, we have just sent a WinForms project with PgSqlDataSet that uses a connection string from the *.settings file to your e-mail address. It works in our environemt. Please modify it to reproduce the issue and send it back to us. If you didn't receive my e-mail, please give me (alexsh at devart*com) another e-mail address that will not reject attachments.

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