New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 4.95.170 available!

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New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 4.95.170 available!

Post by Shalex » Fri 24 Sep 2010 13:37

Dear users,

New build of dotConnect for PostgreSQL 4.95.170 is available for download now.
This version includes:
  • Implemented support for PgSqlLargeObject in PgSqlDump
  • Implemented trimming leading spaces in fixed-length char fields when backing up data with PgSqlDump
  • Added the Constraints element into the PgSqlDumpObjects enumeration
  • Changed the mode of PgSqlScript execution: PgSqlScript is always executed in unprepared mode now
  • Implemented host option for current process in dbMonitor
  • Added possibility for tracing the distributed transactions in DBMonitor
  • Fixed the 'Retrieving the COM class factory for component ... failed' error during installation on x64 machines
  • Fixed bug with Minimal+LINQ installation
  • Fixed bug with Timestamp without timezone parameter when Protocol=2
  • Fixed bug with empty reader for the cursor returned by a stored function
  • Fixed bug with reusing prepared PgSqlCommand
  • Fixed bug with PgSqlLoaderMode.Binary mode when inserting DBNull.Value
  • Fixed bug with the 'Cannot insert multiple commands into a prepared statement' error when using PgSqlScript
  • Fixed bug with PgSqlDump backing up schema to stream
  • Fixed bug with casting 'char(N)' parameters to 'char'
  • Fixed bug with displaying Unicode characters when character set is not specified (Mobile edition)
  • Fixed bug with enlisting ASP.NET provider's activity to distributed transaction
  • Fixed bug with assertion failure on show call tree in dbMonitor
LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to PostgreSQL)
  • Fixed bug with editing Entity Key values
  • Fixed bug with IndexOutOfRangeException on the DeleteOnSubmit call
  • Fixed bug on inserting new rows into a table with many-to-many association
  • Fixed bug with fetching records one-by-one from the 'detail' table in master/details relation
  • Fixed bug with retrieving entities of an inherited type
  • Fixed bugs with using the Contains method of empty arrays
  • Fixed bug with the RejectChanges method not working
  • Fixed bug with structs in queries
  • Fixed bug with Command Timeout
Entity Developer
  • Fixed bug with VB Code generation for Associations
  • Fixed bug with Unidirectional serialization mode
  • Fixed design time bug with Referential constraints
  • Fixed bug with generating code for stored procedures with out parameters
Devart development team