PgSqlCommandBuilder problems

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PgSqlCommandBuilder problems

Post by Titus » Sat 23 Jul 2005 12:17

Hi, I'm trying to use a pgSqlCommandBuilder.
However, in some cases an Update on the DataAdapter throws an exception saying "Dynamic SQL generation is not supported against a SelectCommand that does not return any base table information".
I cannot see any difference between the working and malfunctioning calls to Update() except that up to now in the working examples the KeyField property of the CommandBuilder is set to the (one) column referenced in the WHERE clause of the SELECT-Command and in the throwing call to Update the KeyFields property of the CommandBuilder is set to a (also one) different column.
Any call to Update() is made by a common base class handling all the pgSql-Stuff, so the code calling PgSqlDataAdapter.Update / PgSqlCommandBuilder.GetUpdateCommand is the same.

Both Select Commands operate on updatable views.

What can I do to get a more precise error code from PgSqlCommandBuilder.GetUpdateComand() ?
Where can I get more information about the reasons for the CommandBuilder throwing this exceptions?
Should I post more information?

Any help is really appreciated, we're a little bit stuck with this.


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PgSqlCommandBuilder problems

Post by Yuri » Mon 25 Jul 2005 09:26

We couldn't reproduce the problem.
Please send us complete small sample to demonstrate it and include script to create server objects.

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